Galaxies Rejoice! Spaceport Bustle is Open Again!

Beings of All Worlds – make haste, book passage now -
your favorite starport Bustle is open again!

Merchants – all trade sanctions have been lifted; the blockade has moved on to our sister planet (don’t go there – go here!).

Explorers – the Electromag Storms have lifted; the dangers of our curtain storm have once again abated. Get here quick – storms return 22/71/95.

Lawmen/Militia – plenty of work to be had as the Imperial Magnate has been assassinated! All Imperial shackles are loosed – but planetary order will need to be restored. Apply soon.

(Pirates – make a name for yourself and get a good footing planetside <u>before law is restored!</u>)

Your prompt arrival means MORE FOR YOU!
Get here quick and enjoy all our spaceport has to offer!

Bounty hunters and cyborgs – register promptly upon arrival per intergalactic rule. Mining corporations would be reminded to obtain official Bustle seismic charts to avoid our local catastrophic sites.

Spaceport Bustle – Your Favorite Outpost!

Spaceport Bustle is OPEN!